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Hair Extensions Ethically Sourced

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There has been quite a bit of media coverage about unethically obtained hair being used for hair extensions. It seems Chinese hair extension manufacturers are resorting to exploitation to cheaply obtain hair for use in creating hair extension products. We just wanted to make sure our client, past, present and future, understand that our hair extensions are sourced ethically. Zurri has a very strong commitment to ethical and environmentally responsible business. It’s something we call Bioethic, and it matters. Our stylists are encouraged to find ethical and eco-friendly ways to reduce the carbon footprint and pollution generated by our salons.

Our hair extensions are provided by Great Lengths who have been leading the way toward an upfront and principled hair extension industry by setting the benchmark in fair standards and inviting competitors to work towards a common ethical stance. Their mission statement is:

The foundation of the Great Lengths mission is to source, treat and supply 100% human hair extensions of the highest quality in an ethical manner. In fact, Great Lengths is still the only hair extension company that sources and processes its own hair.

you can learn more about their product and business principles from their website. If you have any questions or concerns about our hair extensions, or would like more information about Bioethic, please feel free to contact us using the form below. You can be assured that when you choose zurri as your preferred stylist, your not only making a great choice for your personal image, you’re also making an ethical and conscious contribution to the planet.