Zurri hairdressing specialises in 100% human hair extensions. An exclusive service of ours rarely seen in Auckland hair salons.

hair extensions aucklandHair extensions are not just for the rich and famous.

Great Lengths hair extensions offers the dream of voluminous, longer hair without damage is available here. Great Lengths hair extensions provides such a natural beautiful effect whether it’s to lengthen or add volume you will get the best result with Great Lengths hair extensions. Rachel has been doing hair extensions for years and for the past three years exclusively Great Lengths as she believes they are the most natural non-damaging hair extensions on the market which is why Zurri only specialise in Great Lengths hair extensions.

Great lengths hair undergoes a delicate de-pigmentation process lasting fifteen to twenty days. The hair is slowly lifted and not bleached (which ruins the hair and quality). The Keratin bonds are virtually undetectable and by using the Keratin bonds it is gentle and non-damaging to your natural hair. By using individual strands you get a natural movement to the hair. With a wide range of colours available it is easy to personally tailor the perfect match to your hair colour.

We offer complimentary maintenance checks every three to four weeks for your extensions as it is important to keep them maintained and ensure the integrity of your hair. They will last between four to six months and they are perfect for a colour change without harming your natural hair or transforming your look by adding length. We also offer complimentary consultations to determine how may packets of extensions you require to create the effect you are wanting.

“I love doing Great lengths hair extensions and giving people the option to change their hair in dramatic ways with no consequences and giving them confidence in their new looks.” says our extension expert Rachel.

Great Lengths are committed to ethical, sustainable products. Their hair extensions are 100% human hair sourced from India where they are committed to ensuring the hair is ethically sourced, willingly given and that a fair price is paid to help support the local community, temples and medical services.