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The Power of 6

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Why you should be rebooking every 6 weeks, not every 7 (plus, plus!).

Our records show that the majority of our clients rebook around every 7-8 weeks. Some are meticulous and others will try and stretch the time between appointments as far as they can. Much of the time it is the regrowth or loss of shape that drives you to rebook. But is this really what’s best for your hair? The reality is, you should actually be visiting your stylist every 6 weeks, not 7 or more! It’s not just because they are missing you (though I’m certain they are!), there’s plenty of evidence to show that restyling every 6 weeks actually helps maintain a healthy hair cycle. According to Wikipedia (and who doesn’t trust Wiki these days right) 6 weeks is the optimal time to spur human hair growth and maintain glow. It’s also important to ensure your hair is nourished and well cared for (for example, just cutting the ends will stop the hair from breaking) on a regular basis. So, it seems, 6 weeks is the ideal time to ensure your hair remains its healthiest and looking its best.

At Zurri, we recommend the Power of 6 and advise our clients to break free of the 7 plus week stereotype and embrace the Power of 6 weeks to make sure your hair stays at its best all year round. Talk to your stylist about the Power of 6 at your next visit and make sure to rebook every 6 weeks! Your hair will thank you for it.